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04 Jul 2021

Pilotbird : Harnessing the Power of Lifestyle Analytics for Insurance

It is undeniably tough to build a good business. Ask any successful CEO or business owner, or an investor, and they will tell you that it took them a while to get it right.

Pilotbird gets noticed by Life Annuity Specialist.

New insurtech startup Pilotbird aims to help insurers use data from social media and other public sources to assess lifestyle risk, market to prospective clients...

Pilotbird announces Linda Kreitzman as an independent advisor

We are excited to announce that Linda Kreitzman, Executive Director and Assistant Dean of the Master of Financial Engineering at the University of California Berkeley is now an independent advisor to Pilotbird.

Founder of Kiwi Introduces Pilotbird, an Insurance Analytics Product Company

The new company empowers carriers to make the insurance experience more relevant by leveraging social data.