Pilotbird Lifestyle Analytics

The power of lifestyle analytics for insurance.

Pilotbird empowers Life & Health insurance teams to better score risk, engage customers and detect claims fraud by analyzing social data points.

Using social data points
to deliver value in key parts of insurance value chain

Pilotbird Lifestyle Risk Scoring

Pilotbird Engage

Pilotbird Revocation

Risk Scoring

Engagement & Distribution

Claims Fraud

Benefits for Insurance Teams


Make underwriting, distribution, customer engagement and fraud detection more accurate and relevant.


Grow your top and bottom line with our products suite powered by Context-Aware A.I.


Integrate and scale our easy-to-use products in just minutes.

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A suite of products that leverage social data points to deliver value.

Pilotbird Lifestyle Risk scoring

Increase the precision of your underwriting with policyholders lifestyle risk scoring.

Pilotbird Engage

Engage the right customers at the right time with lifestyle analytics.

Pilotbird Revocation

Capture claims fraud by applying social data validation.


On-demand injury cover for medical deductible under brand Kiwi


On-demand injury cover for medical deductible under brand Kiwi

What are insurance leaders saying about our products?

“Pilotbird provides an innovative way to engage customers and deploy new technology for distribution.
Pilotbird is a great example of an insurtech innovating alongside us.“
Vice President of Business Development.

Context-Aware A.I. Technology

The latest technology that leverages social data points to generate actionable lifestyle insights.

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The perfect mix of analytics and engineering brain power, behavioural scientists, seasoned professionals and insurance experts.